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With Good SEO Google Has a Memory Like an Elephant

I’ve always said short-term memory is like lake front property. There is only so much lake front property to go around and you have to allocate it to the most important things within your life. Now that I’m forty, my lake front property – aka my short-term memory – seems to erode faster with each passing day.

Google is far from forty and has a memory like an elephant. Good SEO only makes this elephant stronger.

My SEO Efforts Will Outlive Me

This concept has been overly apparent to me this last year. As I left my prior life and launched my own company I knew I could easily reinvent myself. I did and while much of me transferred from ERP Rebecca to WordPress Rebecca or SEO Rebecca, Google still sees all three. I realize I should stop whining, but I can’t. I love Google, but the elephant memory is exhausting. I spent a lot of time marketing ERP Rebecca with good old fashion SEO and looking back now I feel like I did it a little too well.

If you Google Rebecca Gill you’ll see references to Web Savvy Marketing and a bunch of social media profiles for me on pages one and two of the search results. You’ll also see my former employer at the bottom of page one and references to “ERP Rebecca Gill” and “TGI Rebecca Gill” in the suggested searches from Google. Both are me, but the old me.

Searches for Generic Rebecca GillSuggested Searches for Rebecca Gill

In reality, my former employer’s website only has a few references to me left on it and they’re really old press releases. But in the eyes of Google, the company website is still page one worthy for my name. I suspect this is because Google still sees a lot of inbound links to their website that reference me within the page content. This was accomplished through blogging, press releases, articles in publications and so on. Well it all sounded good at the time, but ERP Rebecca will just not go away. In fact, lately I feel like ERP Rebecca will haunt me until the day I die. All thanks to Google.

Will the Real Rebecca Please Stand Up?

You’re probably wondering if I’ve just done a lousy job marketing the new Rebecca. No I haven’t. My efforts working on new Rebecca haven’t been in the works as long as the old Rebecca, but I’ve done well. It’s just that Google doesn’t forget.

Google Rebecca Gill SEO or Rebecca Gill WordPress and you’ll see there are a lot of references to the new me. A lot. But that elephant just won’t let go what it was taught years ago.

ERP Rebecca GillSEO Rebecca Gill

WordPress Rebecca Gill

What’s the SEO Take Away?

While this conclusion is not completely scientific, it does have merit. Google places significant value on on-page SEO for providing short-term search results. However, off-page SEO significantly influences Google for providing search results with longevity.

If Google didn’t place so much value on inbound links, my old employer would no longer show up for my name because they have virtually no content with references it.  In addition, Google would not suggest users replace their generic searches for Rebecca Gill with ones that include ERP or TGI. Again this is not scientific in nature, but it does provide a little insight into how the search engine results work over a long period of time.

My Personal Take Away: Be careful what and for who you optimize because if you’re good at SEO, it will haunt you forever.

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