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A lot of our web design clients ask about ongoing WordPress maintenance in the proposal stage of our project.  They’ve heard WordPress is easy to use and they want to make sure it will be just as easy to maintain.  They also what to make sure their website will be safe, secure, and free of malware or hacking attacks. I’m very open with people in these discussions.  And I can be, because I’ve personally had few issues with WordPress maintenance and security.  In the years I’ve worked with WordPress, I’ve only had two clients encounter malware and both were due to poorly maintained plugins and had nothing to do with the WordPress core.  The general rule is if you keep your WordPress website updated and optimized, there should be no problems.  Leave cobwebs lurking about and there absolutely will be problems. For the average website, WordPress is easy to maintain.  It ... (more)

The SEO Consultant’s Biggest Mistake

Social Media on Ulitzer Recently I heard an experienced SEO consultant state with pride and confidence, “I write for search engine spiders and not real people.” If ever there was a time to run for the hills, this would be the time. A quality and experienced SEO consultant will write solid content that is useful to website visitors as well as search engine friendly. There is no reason to select one or the other, because both objectives can live in harmony with each other. A bad SEO consultant will spend all of their time writing and optimizing websites for search engine spiders a... (more)

Pimping my Website with Plugins

Virtually everyone has heard of MTV’s Pimp my Ride. The world of web development has been blessed by a little friend called a plugin that allows webmaster’s to pimp their websites. A plugin is the webmasters best friend when designing personalized websites via open source (aka free) CMS (content management systems) like WordPress or Joomla. They are many times free or available for low subscriptions or onetime fees. WordPress and Joomla are common open source or free software packages that are available for download and usage via the Internet. These two CMS packages represent a ... (more)

Accountant Turned SEO

Today I read an article on Marketing Sherpa about formalizing an SEO process and plan. Wow! It took me back to college, aka twenty years ago, when I was enrolled as an accounting major. Yes folks, this SEO started out as an accountant. My Reality Check as a Future Accountant My college years were self-funded. I lived off waiting tables and I paid tuition via grants and loans. My 30+ hour work weeks were spent waiting tables. My days as a server did more than just bring in money. They taught me about sales, marketing, and why I’d make a horrible accountant. I said a horrible acco... (more)

WordPress Multisite: What it is and Why Should You Care

Originally dubbed WordPress MU, WordPress multisite is simply a way of networking a collection of websites under the same WordPress installation. The individual websites in the network are like children websites of the main installation. All share the same hosting account, WordPress themes, and plugin options.  They can have unique URLs or have different subdomain addresses based on the main URL. Why does any of this matter and why should you care?  WordPress multisite can rock the web when used properly and in the right situation. Why Use WordPress Multisite? You can easily set ... (more)