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Social Media on Ulitzer If you have a website and your email is listed on the Internet, you’ve probably received unsolicited offers for increasing your website’s ranking on the Internet. Over the last few years, these offers seem to multiple like a virtual plague. I myself receive so many of these emails, they are perpetually trapped in my spam filter. If you’ve ever read these offers closely, you will quickly become suspicious. The emails come from gmail accounts without phone numbers or website addresses. They offer promises of first page ranking on Google and website traffic increases beyond your wildest expectations. And all of this is yours for little money and within record time. Take note my friends, nothing of value comes easy. Your Grandmother was right. Positive results typically come from hard work. And so is the case with website promotion. Can a websit... (more)

WordPress Multisite: What it is and Why Should You Care

Originally dubbed WordPress MU, WordPress multisite is simply a way of networking a collection of websites under the same WordPress installation. The individual websites in the network are like children websites of the main installation. All share the same hosting account, WordPress themes, and plugin options.  They can have unique URLs or have different subdomain addresses based on the main URL. Why does any of this matter and why should you care?  WordPress multisite can rock the web when used properly and in the right situation. Why Use WordPress Multisite? You can easily set ... (more)

Three Steps to Keep the Cobwebs Out of WordPress

A lot of our web design clients ask about ongoing WordPress maintenance in the proposal stage of our project.  They’ve heard WordPress is easy to use and they want to make sure it will be just as easy to maintain.  They also what to make sure their website will be safe, secure, and free of malware or hacking attacks. I’m very open with people in these discussions.  And I can be, because I’ve personally had few issues with WordPress maintenance and security.  In the years I’ve worked with WordPress, I’ve only had two clients encounter malware and both were due to poorly maintaine... (more)

Process Manufacturing Made “Simple” with Formula Management and Scalable Batches

Process manufacturing is frequently referred to as “simple” by those in the discrete manufacturing camp, yet if you ask any food, chemical, or pharmaceutical manufacturer if process manufacturing is truly simple, the manufacturer will quickly provide many examples of the growing list of challenges faced on a day-to-day basis. For process manufacturers, two of the most common challenges are formula and recipe management and scalable batches. Experienced processors recognize that regardless of the product produced, one size does not fit all. A can of soup, a box of detergent, and ... (more)

When is Your Small Business Ready for an ERP System?

A common question small business owners ask themselves is when their business is ready to implement an ERP software application that will replace their existing small business software. Fortunately for the small business owner, there are a number of small business ERP software solutions on the market today that serve as a viable replacement for QuickBooks, Peachtree, and other small business accounting software packages. In my experience, there are three telling signs of when a small business is ready to migrate from its existing small business software to a more sophisticated ER... (more)